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What we do

Gives a short overview of EcoService's aims, members, affiliations, history and explains how it's financed. Make sure not to miss that picture on the bottom ;)

Solid waste management (SWM)

What is WASTE? Where does it come from and where does it go? If you feel interested in solid waste management you should take a look into this page! It gives lots of interesting and helpful information and provides many useful links to other waste related pages.

EcoService Recommendations

Please make sure to read these recommendations before having your waste picked up by EcoService. They explain how to segregate your waste in order to make proper recycling easier for us thus reducing the damage to the environment. Note there are some items that won't be collected by EcoService. The recommendations will also give information on how to treat that waste.


Do want your waste to be collected by EcoService? Please give us a call and we will schedule a waste pickup for your community (Auroville only). On this page you can find our phone numbers and e-mails. Please note some items cannot be proccessed by EcoService - bring these items to our partners listed on the bottom.


Do you feel interested in solid waste management? You may also want to visit our friends' websites or read further information on that issue.

Support us!

EcoService needs your help! If you have a fundraising idea/donation or would like to help us contact the e-mail given here.

Leaflets and pictures

Download our leaflets and learn how to improve your waste segregation.


This is the site your seeing right now. It gives an overview of our websites and makes navigation easier.

About page

The about-page displays copyright and general information about the website. Please contact the e-mail given here if you have any questions to the administrator or need help with your own website. Also contact the administrator for any questions or improvement regarding the website.

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