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EcoService websites were designed by (ECO) Vincent, a German volunteer living in Auroville (2010/2011). All pictures and texts used in this website were taken from EcoService's collection or created/manipulated by the web designer.

Do you have any comments or questions concerning our website? Any things we should improve? Do you need some help with your own website? Or you just want your computer fixed? Please send me a mail =)
Please note I will have left Auroville by August 2011.

Making of EcoService websites

EcoService websites were created using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 running on a tiny Asus eeePC. Pictures and graphics were designed and modified with Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4. 100% volunteer work, made in Auroville, India.

Copyright information

© copyright EcoService 2011, Auroville, India. All rights reserved. The text, images, graphics and their arrangement on the EcoService websites are all subject to copyright and other intellectual property protection. These objects must not be copied for commercial use. Some EcoService websites may contain images whose copyrights are attributable to third parties.

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